Wholistic Services

Wholistic Services (“Wholistic” meaning “whole person” – origin from which the corporate name was formed), is a spiritual based counseling and consulting organization founded by Dr. Marilyn Hamilton in November 1992 and began providing services in January 1993. The organization was formed because the founder envisioned a need for counseling, education, and referral services for community residents affected by HIV-AIDS, substance abuse, and other social outcries in the Southpark section of Houston, TX.

Wholistic Services began its journey providing counseling, consultation, and referrals for the “whole family” thus, obtaining its DBA in October of that same year. The organization received positive results although it was still in its infancy stage.

Other programs and services were soon implemented:

  1. alcohol and drug awareness workshops and forums,
  2. HIV-AIDS and tobacco education,
  3. crisis intervention,
  4. workshops and forums of human and social behavior,
  5. outreach programming, and
  6. motivational presentations.

In 1994, notary public service and income tax preparation was added. Then in August 1996, Licensure Certification / Recertification workshops and a film library were embraced. Staff-In-Service Training and group support sessions were adopted in 1998, and in 2000, CPR training was included. In 2002, Wholistic Services became a provider for the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, and thus completing those milestones set forth in 1992. Since its inception, Wholistic Services has certified and re-certified over 375 “regular” workshop participants (many re-certifying up to 3 times) and has contracted over 150 professional and paraprofessional presenters and volunteers.

If you would like to request additional information or have a specific question please contact:

Dr. Marilyn Hamilton
5123 Kingsbury Street, #102, Houston, TX 77021
Phone: (713) 747-6416
E-mail: [email protected]