Individual, Group and Family Sessions
Supportive & Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling / Education
Anger Management Counseling / Education
Domestic Violence Program (BIPP)
Stress Management Counseling / Education
Parenting Skills Enhancement
Job Quest Training
HIV-AIDS / STD Prevention Counseling / Education
Substance Abuse Assessment / Evaluation (SASSI)


 Supportive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling / Education Treatment Setting

Wholistic Counseling Services, Inc offers both Supportive and Intensive Outpatient services. The Supportive Outpatient (TCADA Level IV) program is for 26 weeks . Clients are required to complete one (1) one-hour of individual sessions per month and 2 hours of group sessions per week. The primary focus is on education regarding the nature of relapse as a process and the components of an effective relapse prevention plan. Life skills, including appropriate communication techniques, problem-solving skill, applicable coping strategies, how to access your support system, and how to function independently in the community are part of the curriculum. Other relevant topics are included when deemed necessary.

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling / Education Treatment Setting

The Intensive Outpatient (TCADA Level IV) program is available for those clients requiring the most intense level of service. The program is 8 weeks in duration. Clients are required to complete two (2) one-hour individual sessions per month and three 10 hours of group sessions per week. The primary focus is on the disease concept of addiction and increasing the client’s awareness of addiction as a bio-pyscho-social problem. The relationship between antisocial behavior and addiction is addressed extensively. In addiction to relapse prevention, other applicable topics are discussed. Family group is available one hour per week for both programs.

Domestic Violence – Treatment Setting

The Domestic Violence program (Battered Intervention & Prevention Project – BIPP) is 18 weeks or 36 sessions in duration and consists of one 2-hours sessions per week, incorporating 1-2 themes per session. The themes entail Nature of Domestic Violence, Violence – Power and Control (Sexual and Physical), Nonviolence – Equality, Nonviolent Planning, Attitude and Belief Changes, and the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children. Videos are shown to illustrate the abusive behavior targeted for change. The program includes both male and female groups. The program employs the Duluth model (which incorporates the curriculum themes) and emphasizes that batterer interventions must take place in the context of a coordinated community response to domestic violence. Discussions are instructive and confrontational. Victims are provided safety recommendations.

Anger Management / Domestic Violence Counseling / Education Treatment Setting

The Anger Management is a three-module program, consisting of 5/10-15/30-sessions.

Module I: Youth requiring this module are expected to complete 5 sessions (individual or group), one hour per week.

Module II: Clients requiring this module will complete 10 to 15 sessions based on assessment. Sessions may consist of individual, group, or a combination of the two. Sessions meet once weekly. However, based on the severity of the incident and assessment, Module III may be recommended.

Module III: Clients requiring this module are expected to attend 30 sessions or as long as need dictate. Clients are required to attend two hours each week for individual, family, or group, or any combination of the three. Instead of Module III, clients will be referred to 36 sessions of domestic violence when children, youth, partners, power and control, and violence are entangled in the destructive anger.

The central focus of the anger management program is on denial, anger vs. violence, managing anger, communication skills, feelings, and affirmation / self-esteem. Support groups are advocated for youth and non-destructive partners / family when counseling is not available.

Stress Management Counseling / Education

The Stress Management service is a four-week program. Managing stress in the workplace, in the home and at school is addressed at length. Clients are expected to attend a one-hour group session per week. The primary focus is on practicing relaxation techniques, communication, and time management skills. Support groups are sanctioned when needed.

Parenting Skills Enhancement

The Parenting Skills Enhancement program is 8 weeks in duration. Parents will engage in research and discuss many relevant topics pertaining to parenting, selecting different subject matter each week for exploration. The program is tailored to meet the parenting needs and enhance the parenting competencies of the clients while emphasizing the “how-to” skills. Videos and role modeling completes the program. Clients are expected to attend a weekly one-hour group meeting. The primary focus is on effective parenting skills, behavior management skills, education, communication, prevention, and intervention.

Job Quest Training

The Job Readiness, Social, and Life Skills program is a 20 hours training class. Clients are expected to meet four consecutive Saturdays for five hours. This class is designed to provide clients with an opportunity to participate in a variety of new exciting learning experiences that strengthens their personal growth and refines their social adjustment and life skills. The program will help clients develop and employ their learned experiences in a professional setting. The primary focus is on job application procedures, job interview techniques, resume writing techniques, career resources, demonstration of proper etiquette and social skills, effective communication skills, time management, and dressing for success.

HIV-AIDS / STD Prevention Counseling / Education

The HIV-AIDS Prevention program is a 1 1/2 hour film/forum educational presentation provided to youth at various organizations, including faith-based churches. The focus of the program is to increase awareness, promote prevention, empower self-worth, and expand knowledge about the effects of HIV-AIDS among youth. HIV-AIDS / STD counseling and education is on going at WCSI and provided to clients when applicable. Additional HIV-AIDS Prevention programs are forthcoming.

Clients successfully completing any of the seven programs will receive a Certificate of Completion. Youth successfully completing the HIV-AIDS Prevention program will receive a Certificate of Merit.

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